AppKettle Review – The Smart Electric Kettle You Must Have

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As we move towards an era of smart homes and integrated technology, a smart kettle will become part of the householder’s kitchen gadgets. This is a review of AppKettle, a variable temperature, and one of the world’s first smart electric kettles.

Innovative Design

Smart kettle

App for the AppKettle

The AppKettle creators have put in effort to think of design features that matter for consumers. So, there are controls at the base, so you don’t need the app on your mobile device to make a cup of tea.

The LED display at the bottom of the kettle tells you within a degree of what the temperature is in the kettle. This prevents the need to heat and reheat, creating more energy efficiency.

The stainless steel brushed finish looks elegant and with the double-sided glass, it works for left or right-handed users.

The basic design isn’t that different to several other kettles on the market. But it’s what it can do that sets it apart.

The app enables to set up the temperature of your favourite hot drinks. It also gives you the feature of setting a time when you want the kettle to have hot water ready for you.


And you can use Amazon’s Alexa and say “Alexa, put the kettle on” or use Nest to let you get hot water ready easily for you.  If the kettle is empty, it won’t turn on, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Time will tell how durable this kettle is, but buyers from the very first month are still happy with this kettle.