Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Best bean to cup coffee machines

Why bean to cup coffee machines?

Bean to cup coffee machines are those machines that start with beans and produce a cup of coffee. One of the features therefore of such machines is that the grinder is an integral part of the coffee machine.

Speciality coffees have created a set of needs that weren’t around even a decade ago. This is the desire to have a wonderful cup of coffee from the freshest beans possible in a home environment. Bean to cup coffee machines have come into the market to address exactly this requirement. This article is about the best bean to cup coffee machines that we think are on the market.

We begin with some of the criteria to use when selecting a bean to cup coffee machine and then give you a summary of our reviews of the best bean to cup coffee machines on our list. You can always read the details of a specific machine that catches your attention by following the link to the detailed review.

Best bean to cup coffee machine

Should I choose a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

Selecting this type of machine is a personal choice. Like automatic cars, there is a convenience factor that makes it very attractive. Yet, there are people who prefer manual cars for the control it affords for a variety of situations. These machines, particularly the automatic machines are definitely in the several hundred or thousand plus price bracket.

When you get into a machine with such a high price point, we would recommend that you do your reading, understand what you should be looking for. Our personal preference always then is to visit an outlet to see these machines in person, speak to the sales people before finalising on one. At the end then, whether you choose to buy online or from a retail outlet is a personal choice that we leave to you.

Must Have For Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Burr grinder

Just like we’ve said in our how to choose a home grinder article, we recommend you only consider burr grinder based bean to cup coffee machines. We’ve used this as criteria to select machines we’ve presented in this list of best bean to cup coffee machines. This means that every machine you see on our list uses a burr grinder.

Criteria to consider when choosing a bean to cup coffee machine

1. Integrated milk frother

Some bean to cup coffee machines come without a milk frother integrated in. Whether you want the milk frothing process automated and part of your machine is a personal choice with pros and cons to it. An integrated machine takes up less space in your kitchen, a separate milk frother means less parts to go wrong in what might be an expensive and complex machine.

2. Automatic?

This article primarily looks as automatic bean to cup coffee machines. This means that with the touch of a button, you get your preferred coffee drink. For manual options, look out for our article on prosumer barista style home espresso machines.

3. Remembering Your Coffee Preferences

Many of the machines in this range come up with the ability to remember the strength and length of your perfect coffee drink. This is a nice to have since it makes the bean to cup coffee machine even more convenient.

4. Durability

These complex machines sometimes have question marks around their durability. As long as the break down happens within the warranty, you are ok. But if its just after the warranty, it can be a frustrating experience.

Price Range of Machines On This List

The price of the automatic machines on this list varies from around £300-1700.

Best bean to cup coffee machines

This is our list of the best bean to cup coffee machines

Gaggia Brera


Gaggia Brera Review – Mid range Bean to Cup Machine
Convenient and durable mid range bean to coffee machine
Easy to use, durable bean to cup coffee machine that makes good coffees. You'll never accept poor cafe coffees again.
Burr grinder
Integrated milk frother
Remembers Coffee Preferences?
Easy to use
Water reservoir could have been larger
Gaggia Brera Review
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Read our detailed review of the Gaggia Brera here.


The Oracle from Sage By Heston Blumenthal

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Melitta Caffeo CI

Melitta Caffeo CI - Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Jura F9

Jura F9 - Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Delonghi ECAM 44.660.B

Delonghi Eletta - Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

For a portable option, which we find really useful when we are on the go,we like the

Cafflano Klassic

Cafflano - Best Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

If you’ve got yourself a barista style coffee machine, then you’ll need some of these accessories at home.  Also, don’t forget that storage of coffee beans for freshness affects the taste.