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Best Manual Coffee Grinder For That Slow Coffee

Manual Coffee Grinders – A Personal Statement

This is an article on the best manual coffee grinder that you can select to create that slow cup of coffee.

In a world where everything is being automated and we rely heavily on electronics, it seems counter intuitive to suggest slowing things right down.  But those who do,  swear by it and find this a way to reduce stress and get ready for the day ahead.

One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is with a bean to cup of coffee that you make by manually grinding the beans and then creating your coffee of choice either with a French press, Aero press or stove top espresso coffee maker.

The aroma of the freshly ground beans along with the repetitive grinding routine provides a meditative experience, particularly if you count the number of times it takes to turn the handle of the coffee grinder to make your perfect coffee.

What Price Range Are These Grinders?

The manual coffee grinders featured in this list are in the range of £10-140. The one we’ve picked as our favourite is around £25.

If you’ve never tried a manual grinder before, perhaps you want to dip your toe in the waters by trying the lower end of the scale.

We also love the  Zassenhaus La Paz  which is top rated and they are known for their grinding mechanism. So, if you have space in your kitchen for this, you’ll certainly find this the best there is.

Five Top Manual Coffee Grinders

Traditional look

If you are choosing to use a manual coffee grinder for your beans, then for some of you, one of the important considerations is the look of the coffee grinder.  If you are choosing a manual grinder perhaps a traditional look is important?

Zassenhaus La Paz


The Zassenhaus La Paz Dark Coffee Grinder is for those who want a top rated manual coffee grinder where the look is as important as the functionality. The grind is consistent and the grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years.

Zassenhaus has been making manual coffee grinders for over a century and are considered the top rated manufacturer of manual coffee grinders. We think it looks beautiful. The fact that there is a quality grind means you can’t go wrong with it if you have the budget for it.

Zassenhaus La Paz
Zassenhaus La Paz
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Hario Coffee Grinder, Clear, Small

If you are after the vintage look, another option that is the Hario Coffee Grinder that is much less expensive. The coffee grounds work with a French Press and even a stove top espresso pot. It takes a while to figure out the right grind consistency but once you do, it’s easy to use. Those who have moved from an electric to the manual coffee grinder swear they can taste a difference.

Hario Vintage
Hario Vintage

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Modern look (Glass or steel)

Hario Medium Glass Ceramic Burr Grinder

This grinder is loved by its owners for its smooth grinding action as well as the compact design. It’s easy to clean and perfect for a couple of cups of coffee. Changing the grind levels can be a slight hassle since the mechanism isn’t the easiest but if you stick to one type of coffee, then this isn’t an issue.

Hario Glass
Hario Glass


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In our opinion, the Hario Medium Glass Ceramic Burr Grinder is the best manual coffee grinder. It combines compactness with an ease of use.

Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder

This is a new kid on the block with the company established a couple of years ago, and yet it has managed to get a large amount of positive feedback from its users. A sleek stainless steel conical burr manual coffee grinder, this grinds consistently.

Easy to turn the handle and grind, it’s compact design has meant that some users like to carry this with them on their travels so that they always get that fresh cup of coffee.

Hunt Brothers Manual Coffee Grinder
Hunt Brothers Manual Coffee Grinder

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 Prime Folks Co Stainless Steel Grinder

Prime Folks Co Coffee Grinder
Prime Folks Co Coffee Grinder

Another popular compact manual coffee grinder is this one from Prime Folks. This is the cheapest of the coffee grinders on our list. It may not last as long as some of the other coffee grinders based on experience and feedback from other users. But still for the price, we felt we needed to add this to the list for those who want to have a go at manual grinding but who are uncertain whether they will pursue it every day.

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