Coffee Tasting in London – Experience to Savour

Coffee Tasting

This is an article on some of the interesting ideas for coffee tasting in London.

If you are a coffee addict one of the things you may enjoy is experimenting with freshly brewed coffees. This is a great way of developing your coffee palate.

Coffee tasting known as coffee cupping is a great way to discover your perfect coffee.

The people who do this professionally, are known as Q graders. But coffee cupping is something you can do informally to learn about tastes and aromas of coffee. Like wine tasting, coffee tasting takes practice to develop your nose and palate, but what better way than to get started.

Here are places for coffee tasting in London.  These are ones where you can look at doing this for fun and to learn.


1. Ozone

Ozone is an award winning coffee roastery that originated in New Zealand that provides some of the best coffees in London. Today, Ozone is a favourite with coffee connoisseurs in London.

Based in trendy Shoreditch, this is something to try to experience different types of brewing techniques and the freshly brewed coffee.

There are two options for the coffee cupping in Ozone – Roasting or Origins. The first takes you through the roasting process and how this impacts the bean. You’ll get to taste a variety of different roasts to experiment with tastes and aromas. The Origins coffee cupping takes you through how the origins of the coffee bean has an impact on flavour of coffee.

Coffee tasting is held twice a month and is quite popular so you should expect a wait of about a month to be able to get in. This held on Wednesday evenings for a couple of hours. You can find details here.

An option for a mid-week break from the routine?

2. Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy is a UK based roaster of excellence. Their espresso coffee is considered by some as the best in London. So it shouldn’t surprise you that their coffee can be tasted at the Parcafe in the Dorchester.

Alchemy provides a 2-hour coffee tasting experience and include a cupping competition at the end for some fun as well. You’ll find this at their café near City Thames Link.

3. London School of Coffee

If you are looking for something more in depth then there is the London School of Coffee.

If you want to take cupping to a professional level without an exam, then take the one day course that they provide.

Here you’ll start with things like sensory exercises to get you ready for the tasting and aromas. You’ll also learn how to set up a professional coffee cupping table and see how the professionals would work.

4. Prufrock

Prufrock is a café is one of those modern coffee shops based in Leather Lane. A member of the SCAE(Specialty Coffee Association of Europe). They have bespoke courses that they can put together. So if you fancy bonding over coffee,  head over to Prufrock.

5. BaristaBarbar

BaristaBarbar is also a member of the SCAE and provides training to the baristas. They have a cupping course on the first Tuesday of the month for professionals and coffee enthusiasts. Find details here at

6.Extract Coffee Roastery

A roastery that provides a Home Barista workshop to help you make the best possible coffee at home. Not quite a coffee tasting session alone, but worth attending to get you ready to make the perfect coffee at home.