Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Review

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Review

There are so many instant coffees on the market today, that choosing one is confusing. This is a Douwe Egberts Pure Gold review that is part of our instant coffee series. Read on to see if this coffee sounds like one to try.

The Netherlands is the highest per capita consumer of coffee in the world. Douwe Egberts is a Dutch coffee that has been well respected for a long time. Therefore, you would expect a quality from any coffee they produce. This pure gold instant coffee doesn’t disappoint.

It is a great coffee for any time of the day, with a real aroma of coffee and a smooth flavour. This is made with a blend of beans. The flavour is light compared to the intensity of some of the other coffees on this list.

It is also more expensive than some other brands but those who love it swear its worth the price.

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