How to make filter coffee

Filter coffee also know as pour over coffee is an easy way to make freshly brewed coffee. The coffee doesn’t have the bitterness of some other varieties of coffees and is generally smooth and easy on the palate. The equipment is not very expensive, so it is a budget option for home or work coffee. Here are instructions on how to make filter coffee or pour over coffee.

how to make filter coffee



· 2 heaped tablespoon of Coarsely ground coffee

· 150-200ml Hot water (just off the boil)

· Milk (optional) – to your taste

· Sugar (optional) – to your taste

Steps to make filter coffee

How to make filter coffee

1. If you are using a chemex or V60, place the paper filter into the cone. Choose good quality paper filters for the best filter coffee.

2. Place 2 heaped tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee into the cone.

3. Pour a small amount of hot water (50-60ml) over the coffee. Start at the centre and work outwards in a circular motion.

4. Repeat step c two more times with an interval of about a minute. You should have about 150ml

5. You’ll know that the brewing is finished when the dripping from the cone slows down.

6. Discard the filter from the cone, pour and enjoy with or without milk and sugar.

how to make pour over coffee


Equipment you need

· Chemex of V60

· Filter paper

· Spoon

· Coffee cup


· Rinse the filter paper before you brew, it brings out the best taste of your coffee

· Try a variety of filter papers to see if you prefer any one in particular

· Buy already ground coffee for the filter or have the coffee ground for you in a store and then try and replicate the grind in your own home grinder.

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