How to make instant coffee

How to make instant coffee that tastes good

How to make instant coffee

Do you want to know how to make instant coffee? As simple as this is, it is possible to not get the best taste from coffee. Here is an article that tells you how to make instant coffee

How to make instant coffee



· 1 heaped teaspoon of Instant coffee of your choice

· 300-400ml Water

· Sugar (optional) – to your taste

· Milk (optional) – to your taste

How to make instant coffee

Steps to make instant coffee

1. Get your water boiling

2. Measure out a teaspoon of instant coffee into your cup or mug (upto 400ml size).

3. Pour about 2 table spoons or 50 ml of hot water (before it boils) over the instant coffee. This prevents the coffee from being burnt with boiling water and tasting bitter. If you use sugar, you can stir this in now.

4. Once the water boils, let it sit for 30 seconds or so. This is so you get the water to the right temperature (See the how to make coffee article on factors that make good coffee )

5. Pour in the hot water.

6. If you like your coffee black, you’re done.

7. Otherwise add milk, stir and enjoy your coffee

Equipment you need

· Equipment for boiling hot water either a kettle, stove top pot or boiling water tap or any other method. Want to pick up a new electric kettle, read our article on the best electric kettles

· Spoons

· Coffee cup or mug


· Try a variety of small packs of instant coffee if you can. The taste does vary quite a bit across brands. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily give you the one you like the best.

· Try milk that’s been heated up either on the stove or microwave. Again, not boiling, just hot.