How to make Moka pot coffee

How to make moka pot coffee


The Moka pot is an Italian coffee maker that creates strong and intense coffee. The moka pot occupies pride of place in an Italian household. This coffee maker lets you make espressos at home without needing an expensive espresso machine. Here are instructions on how to make moka pot coffee.


· Fine ground coffee – quantity determined by the size of your Moka pot

· Boiling Hot Water – quantity determined by the size of your Moka pot

· Sugar (optional) – to your taste

· Milk (optional) – to your taste

Steps to make Moka Pot Coffee

How to make Moka pot coffee

1. Fill the bottom compartment with freshly boiled hot water, till just below the steam valve.

2. Fill the filter basket with coarsely ground coffee, tamp down slightly and put the filter basket on top of the chamber. Fasten the top.

3. Put the moka pot on a medium heat on the stove. It takes about 5 minutes for the coffee to appear in the top.

4. Give the coffee a stir, close the lid and pour the coffee out.

5. Serve coffee with or without milk and sugar

Equipment you need

· Equipment for boiling hot water either a kettle, stove top pot or boiling water tap or any other method.

· Moka pot

· Coffee Tamper

· Spoons

· Coffee cup


· For the beginner, it’s best to get coffee ground at a store for the Moka pot. Then try and replicate the grind at home with your own grinder.

· If you are using milk, try milk that’s been heated up either on the stove or microwave. Again, not boiling, just hot.

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