is coffee good for you

Is coffee good for you- what you need to know

Is Coffee Good For You?

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We love coffee and drink several cups a day. We’ve had several worried family members asking us “Is coffee good for you?”. They may even go on and tell you that coffee will cause this problem or that.

So, this article is to answer the question that several of you may have on whether coffee is good for you.

The decades old belief that coffee is bad for you

In the article, is coffee bad for you, we looked at where the misconception that coffee is for you emerged. It seems not just rooted in myths, but also an incorrect scientific research that did conclude that coffee was bad for us. However, this was because other aspects of the test subjects were not factored in.

So, is coffee good for you?

So okay, coffee is not bad for you but is it good for you? Well, the answer is yes, it is with some riders. We’ve gone into detail in our article on coffee benefits on what the advantages are of drinking coffee. These include protecting the brain from age related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, from certain types of cancers, improving heart, liver and kidney health and many more.

But I’ve read that coffee is bad for your bones is what you maybe thinking. That is incorrect, because studies have not found that coffee in any way causes osteoporosis or brittleness of the bones.

Dairy & Sweeteners are the culprits

The riders on whether coffee is good for you is that the coffee needs to be limited to no more than 4-5 cups a day and no more than 2.5 cups in one sitting. The second is that if you add dairy and sweeteners of some form to your coffee, that adds to your calorie intake.

Excess calorie intake causes a host of problems. But these are not related to the coffee drinking per se.

Any other reasons to not drink coffee?

If you have a caffeine allergy or think you have a caffeine allergy, coffee is not good for you. If coffee causes you to rush to the loo first thing in the morning, do you see that as a good or bad thing? It just is for some of the population as they have a gastro intestinal reflex reaction to coffee.

If you have hypertension, you should limit your coffee. If you are pregnant, there is a view that excess caffeine is not good for you.

These are the reasons why you may find that coffee is not good for you.

is coffee good for you

The answer is yes, coffee is good for you

However, subject to the above, a cup of coffee a day or even two to five is probably going to create benefits in the long run for you. So, the answer is yes, coffee is good for you.