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Nespresso Recycling & Sustainability ideas

Why Nespresso Recycling Matters

Nespresso recycling - coffee pod

With a tremendous boom in the coffee pod based machines, comes the challenge of all the used coffee pods. Ever wondered how many Nespresso coffee pods get used a year?

The Nespresso pods made of aluminium and plastic are not recyclable currently for householders via their waste management collection in the UK.

Nespresso recycling is looking at the ways recycling is made possible of these pods that otherwise would make their way to landfills. Nespresso itself provides multiple options for recycling as does Starbucks. But do you know what these are?

While this issue of coffee pod recycling is a massive one, there are small steps being made to recycle and also upcycle these pods. These innovative sustainability ideas are being created by some designers. Every effort counts in a bid to reduce material that goes to landfills, so read our post on ZayahWorld about Nespresso recycling to discover what these are.