What is a mocha? Coffee drinks explained

what is a mocha?

There’s such a wide variety of different types of coffee drinks today. One of the favourites for a lot of people is the mocha coffee. If you are wondering what a mocha is, then this article answers that question as well as traces the fascinating journey of coffee through history.

Yemen and coffee

The history of coffee can be traced back to Sufi monasteries in Yemen. While the coffee bean’s history is traced back to Ethiopia, Yemen is known to have been the first country to export coffee commercially.

The original Mocha coffee

Mocha is a port city on the Red Sea in Yemen. Yemen exported coffee from Mocha all over the world from the middle of the sixteenth century. Currently, Mocha coffee produced in Yemen is considered one of the best coffees in the world. This particular coffee bean grown in Yemen has a chocolatey flavour and today is one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world

What is a Mocha coffee today? 

what is a mocha?

A mocha coffee today is interpreted differently across the world. But this is a coffee that combines chocolate syrup or powder with a shot of espresso and milk or cream. The hot espresso melts the powder or syrup and creates a heavenly aroma. This is then topped with hot milk and milk foam or with cream. Starbucks top their Caffe Mocha with whipped cream creating a delectable hot drink. 

hershey's chocolate syrup for mocha

Combining coffee with chocolate is not new. In fact, it goes back several hundred years when Europeans discovered this is a match made in heaven and introduced a variety of drinks including the bavareisa which is a combination of coffee, chocolate and cream. 

According to coffee researchers, in America, mocha coffee traces its history back to a Betty Crocker recipe back in 1892.

There is no clear history for the mocha coffee as to which country can say they introduced it. But there’s no doubting that this deliciously indulgent coffee is great, particularly when it’s cold.