Tassimo Coffee Makers Do More Than Coffee!

Bosch Tassimo coffee machines have become a preferred option for those on the market for an easy coffee maker. The machine takes care of everything and makes it a very attractive option for those in a rush or if you want a machine that makes easy hot drinks. There are a wide variety of Tassimo machines, so this article answers the question on which is the best Tassimo machine for you.

Bosch is one of those favourite, solid reliable kitchen appliance brands. The Tassimo machines can make a variety of drinks –chocolate, tea, a variety of coffees including cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.  While its coffee is probably not as good as the Nespresso machines, the variety of drinks from a single machine is a requirement for many.

The sleek and intelligent designs and the fact that it makes a decent hot drink has a lot of people raving about the Tassimo.

One of the great things about the Tassimo machines is that several brands including Kenco, Twinings, Cadbury, Carte Noire and Costa  provide you a variety of coffees, chocolates and teas. So if you have your favourite brand, then it’s easy to get the beverage from them.

But what makes it difficult to decide on the specific model is not just there are multiple models at any one time, but older models are also available. It can be a mind-boggling set of options of the number of Tassimo machines to conclude the best Tassimo machine for you.

Each of us have our own criteria that matter to us. This is how we recommend you go about selecting the best Tassimo machine that works for your personal circumstances.


Option 1 – On a Budget for a Compact machine

Are you on a tight budget? If yes, then look at the Tassimo Vivy. This is their budget model and it’s also the coffee maker that takes up minimal space on your kitchen counter.



Option 2- Stylish but still compact

If you are on the market for something stylish but still compact, the Tassimo Caddy is a good option. This also has a Brita filter built in and the disc holder is a space saver.

Option 3 – Colourful & Stylish

You want something that is in a funky colour or matches your kitchen décor. Here are the models that come in colours.

Option 4 – Feature rich, reduced water refills  & price no object

This model of the Tassimo has an LCD display a Brita water filter and a large water tank to reduce the number of times you need to refill it. This is perfect for a family that use it for a variety of drinks.



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