Bodum milk frother
Bodum milk frother

Bodum Milk Frother Review

Bodum milk frother

Are you investigating milk frothers? If you are, then this is a Bodum milk frother review that is part of our series on milk frothers. The Bodum milk frother is a mechanical plunger type milk frother. You pump the plunger up and down between 50-100 times after filling  with cold milk to create a thick froth.

Depending on how quick you are at it, it can take under 30 seconds. Once you’ve created froth, heat up the milk in a microwave for 40-60seconds and then the volume of milk triples and the froth gets firm.

This is a simple design, so if you are careful with the glass, it will last several years. Some users have had this for over seven years and it still works. When it comes to durability, the Bodum milk frother does very well but yes, it does need some arm power. The Bodum is competitively priced, with the best price we’ve seen being just into the double digits.

It also does have the slight inconvenience of requiring the microwave to heat up the milk.

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Bodum milk frother
Bodum Milk Frother Review Just into ££*
Durable milk frother reliant on arm power
Simple mechanical design making it durable if you are careful with the glass. Makes great froth but needs to be heated up after in a microwave for hot drinks.
Excellent froth
Needs heating up in microwave
Arm power required
Bodum Milk Frother

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