Tassimo Vivy Review

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Review

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Overview

Kraft Foods created the Tassimo coffee machine in 2004 that can deal with not just coffee but a range of machines. Kraft since sold the brand which is now owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts, a well-known beverages brand. The machines are manufactured by Bosch and are thus branded the Bosch Tassimo machines. The Tassimo does well on the consistency of drinks even in the entry level model, the Vivy. This has made the Vivy one of the best sellers in the pod coffee machine segments.

Tassimo has a patented barcode technology. This recognises the drink from the details on the pod and changes the amount of water, brewing time and the temperature to make consistent cups of hot drinks.

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Review Findings

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Review

The Tassimo Vivy is small, the most compact of their range and the choice for those who want a minimum footprint of a coffee machine on their counter top.

You only have to put in a pod and the machine does the rest of making a cup of coffee or any of the other 35 hot drinks. Tassimo has partnered with several well known beverages to create their T discs, the name for their coffee pod or capsule.

This machine comes with a 2-year warranty. The Bosch reputation of building quality products assures you that the Vivy will do the job for some years.

There is not much maintenance required for these type of pod machines other than a wipe down every few weeks. We recommend a periodic descale especially if you live in a hard water area. This will help prolong the life of the machine.

At around £40 for the base model which gets discounted in sales, this is a great price for automatic coffee. The pods for the Tassimo Vivy cost an average of £0.25p but some drinks need two pods, so budget accordingly.

The flavour of coffee depends on the T discs you buy is consistent, but if authenticity and flavour is what you are looking for, the Tassimo range is not for you. You can improve the flavour by swopping the milk drink pods with fresh milk and getting a separate milk frother instead.

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Review
Bosch Tassimo Vivy ££*
Best seller in budget range
The go to option for those on a budget who want a consistent & convenient cup of coffee.
Budget price
Easy to use
Consistent drinks
Variety of drinks
Flavour not as good as other pod machines
More functional than stylish
Bosch Tassimo Vivy

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