Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Recipe

Do you find the chocolate covered coffee beans moreish? The combination of the sweetness of the chocolate and the slightly bitter intense coffee flavour of the crunchy roasted espresso beans is delicious and addictive. We have been asked the question “How do I make chocolate covered coffee beans?” So we’ve added this really easy recipe to our list of coffee recipes.

It's a quick recipe and simple to make this with coffee beans and chocolate with a bit of butter. All that’s needed is to melt chocolate with the butter. Then you add the coffee beans into this. Then take each bean out and place on a waxed parchment paper and let it dry.

The only slight hiccup with this method is that this won’t look like the professional shop bought chocolate covered coffee beans. This will have an uneven chocolate covering. To get the perfect shape, you need a chocolate mould.

Chocolate covered coffee beans

So here’s how to make the chocolate covered coffee beans.

Equipment needed

Coffee Bean Chocolate Mould




Chocolate - Milk or dark chocolate according to your palate. We prefer the sweetness of milk chocolate. 


Butter - unsalted


Espresso beans - Arabica beans will be less bitter. 

Depending on your mould


Follow instructions on your mould (if greasing is required for instance)

Place one espresso bean in each of the moulds

Melt chocolate and butter in the microwave or on a double boiler

Pour chocolate over the beans till it fills the mould

Let it set for 20-30 mins

Pop out of mould and voila, your chocolate covered coffee beans are ready to snack on!

Ready to Try? 

If you are ready to try this recipe, here are some chocolate moulds that will help create that smooth finished look. If you click on the image, it will take you to the shopping site.