Easy Tiramisu Recipe
Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Looking for a Tiramisu recipe? This is an easy one that creates luscious tiramisu for the adult palate.

The word Tiramisu invokes the picture of the deliciously creamy espresso flavoured dessert with that alcoholic hit. This is one of the Italian desserts loved all around the world. Tiramisu means “pick me up” and the coffee in the dessert will do that.

There are so many versions of this recipe even in Italy. Grandmothers here have their own perfect recipe with their special twist that gets passed down in the family and is now getting shared with friends. There’s versions with egg white and ones with whipping cream and others that use no eggs at all.

The Tiramisu recipe that we’ve preferred is the one with egg whites. Follow the recipe below and leave it to set overnight and the intense espresso flavour is simply heavenly.

The starting point for this recipe is to have good quality espresso.

Equipment needed

  1. Espresso Machine – Check out espresso machines if you don’t have one already.
  2. Glasses to set individual tiramisu or a large glass rectangular bowl
  3. Electric mixer
  4. Weighing scale

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-6)



Egg Yolks


Espresso – freshly brewed & cooled down


Savoiardi Biscuits – Italian Sponge Fingers


Mascarpone Cheese


Egg Whites




Cocoa Powder




Chocolate coated coffee beans

To decorate at 3 per glass or few to scatter over a tray


Combine egg yolks with sugar on top of a double boiler. On a low heat cook for 7-8 minutes constantly whipping this mixture. When you can make a figure eight in this mixture and it holds till you finish it, then you know that the egg yolk is ready for the next step.

Whip this egg yolk & sugar mixture with the mascarpone cheese till they are mixed well.

Whip the egg whites till it forms stiff peaks and gently mix it into the egg yolk, mascarpone & sugar mixture. This is what gives you the lightness, so go easy on folding it in.

* If you don’t want to use egg whites, substitute 120ml of whipping cream instead. The egg white recipe tastes gorgeous but the whipping cream version is nearly as nice.

Combine the espresso & Kahlua in a flat bowl where you can dip the savioardi.

Dip the savioardi in this liquid mixture till wet. Don’t let them get soaking wet.

Line either a glass baking tray or a cup with some of the lady fingers, layer with the mascarpone mixture, dust with cocoa powder. Repeat this once more, so that you have two layers built up.

Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours but ideally overnight. The flavours really pop when left for atleast 8-10 hours in the fridge


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Weighing Scales

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Electric Mixers

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Glass Bowls

A glass roasting tray is great to double up to make desserts as well. But if you have the space, here are some glass bowls that make a Tiramisu look spectacular.

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