Gift ideas for coffee lovers

It’s that time of the year when you need to pick up a gift for a loved one in your life. You know this person is a fan of coffee. Here are some great gift ideas for coffee lovers that cover a range of choices. If you want to explore the gift option further, you can click on the image or the link below the image to be taken to a shopping site.

1. A Personalised Heat Changing Mug

one of the first easy gift ideas for a coffee lover is a coffee mug. We liked the idea of creating a personalised heat changing coffee mug made with a photo that creates memory for both of you. 

Discover the heat changing mug

2. Coffee Maker on a clock

For someone who drinks filter coffee and who likes a helping hand in the morning, this is a great present. Coffee ready and waiting for the time you wake up.

​Discover the coffee maker on a clock

3. An aromatic coffee scrub

This is for someone who loves the smell of coffee and loves indulging in some TLC. An aromatic scrub made from coffee grounds is a potent combination.

Explore the Coffee Scrub

4. Coffee soap bath set

If you’d prefer something that has the aroma but in the form of a soap, here’s  a bath set.

Find the coffee soap bath set here

5. 3D Latte art maker

3d latte art

3D latte art is fun and it brings a smile to see this cute form of latte art. For the coffee and latte art fan, how about this 3D latte art maker?

Explore the 3D Latte Art Maker 

6. Coffee syrups

Does your loved one to drink or serve flavoured coffee? These taster coffee syrup sets are a nice addition to the kitchen. 

7. Books on Coffee

Your coffee lover is also an avid reader. Then, here are a couple of books we love.

8. Coffee makers

If you’ve checked the kitchen and know the coffee lover has just one type of coffee maker, then the gift of a different type of coffee maker is something that will be appreciated. Here’s a variety of coffee makers that you can choose from


Explore the Aeropress

French Press

We've covered the Best Cafetiere in another article, so here's a selection from that. 

Discover the Cafe Du Chateau French Press

Stovetop coffee maker

This cute and cheerful stove top coffee maker makes a perfect gift. 

Discover the Bialetti Stovetop coffee maker

Cold drip coffee maker

Find out more about the  Hario cold drip coffee maker

9. Coffee cups

Latte glass/Irish coffee glass

How about a set of latte glasses that can also double up to do duty for those Irish coffees?

Explore the pair of Irish coffee glasses

Espresso cups

Or there’s always a set of glass espresso cups which are perfect to try a Café Bombon in as well.

Discover Espresso cups

10. Coffee Experiences

Coffee Subscriptions

For the caffeine lover, the ability to explore new flavours of coffee is a great gift idea. Coffee subscriptions usually provide a different coffee selected by a roaster to try each month.

 The one from TheCoffeeFactory -

What you’ll need is to know how they like their brew to order the right type of coffee – as beans to grind, espresso, filter or cafetiere grind. Here are two subscriptions we like.

The second one we like is from Cafedirect gift plan. This one lets the person receiving the gift make choices of what they like-

Coffee Tasting

Tasting and learning all about coffee makes for a great day out for a fan of coffee. So check out the experiences you can present as a gift in this article on Coffee Tasting in London.