Nespresso Latissima Review

Nespresso Latissima Review – The Best Pod Coffee Machine for the Coffee Enthusiast

Nespresso Latissima Review

Nespresso Latissima Review

From the Pioneers of Pod Coffee Machines

Nespresso systems are the inventors of the pod coffee machines. There are a wide range of Nespresso coffee pods today for the different types of intensity of black coffees that they have on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the strongest. They also have what they call pure origin pods, which are from one country, flavoured pods and decaffeinated pods. The Nespresso range of coffee pods provides an authentic coffee flavour, one of the reasons their machines do very well.

Nespresso Latissima Review Findings

If you’ve tried an entry level Nespresso model or another brand of pod machine and like the convenience, the Nespresso Latissima is an improvement in several ways. This machine is a more sophisticated model which has a quality air about it. The Latissima can make six types of drinks – 1. Ristretto 2. Espresso 3. Lungo 4. Cappuccino 5. Latte 6. Warm hot milk that’s frothy.

This means that at a touch of button you get the quality Nespresso coffee. This machine  makes a variety of drinks that will suit a wide set of needs. Nespresso has a tie up with Delonghi who make the Latissima and our personal experience is that this machine is a lot better in quality than the Nespresso Inissia.

The built-in milk frother works well and it does create the froth by passing steam through, which is typical of a barista machine. Our finding was that using filtered water makes a difference in flavour and helps the machine from building up scale. The machine will tell you when it needs a descale and clean. The descaling needs an additional pipe to be put in but is still easy compared to the Barista machines.

There are Nespresso compatible pods available today that you can use safely. But we recommend you do your reviews and check these pods before inserting into your machine. It can invalidate the warranty if a third-party pod causes damage.There are plenty of coffee pods from the Nespresso range itself that should satisfy different palates.

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Nespresso Latissima Review
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Recommended top end option
Provides multiple drinks at the touch of a button. We recommend it if you want a pod coffee machine even if its pricey.
Variety of drinks
Stylish design
Nespresso Latissima

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