What is a Latte?

A latte is a milky hot coffee made from a hot espresso and milk. A single shot of espresso is diluted with plenty of steamed milk and then topped with milk foam. In Italy, where this drink originated, it is known as a café latte, which means a milk coffee. With more milk than coffee in this drink, milk coffee is an apt name.

what is a latte

Is there a standard for how to serve a latte?

There is no standard for how to make a latte or how to serve it. Therefore, how a latte is served varies from region to region. In some countries, a latte is served in a very large cup (with saucer). In other countries, the latte is served in a tall glass tumbler.

Which is stronger – latte or cappuccino?

A cappuccino has 1/3 by volume of espresso. A latte has much more milk than espresso. A cappuccino is therefore a stronger coffee.

If you like milk with a hint of coffee flavour, the latte is for you. If you prefer a stronger coffee, a cappuccino is probably more to your taste.

Is Latte the same as Latte Art?

latte art

Latte refers to a café latte which is a milky coffee drink. But latte art is something quite different. It’s those artistic swirls on top of your coffee done by the barista that you get on top of a variety of coffees. Read our article on latte art to discover more about this fascinating creative expression.

What about the history of the latte?

The history of the latte is not quite clear unlike some of the other coffee drinks. The first use of latte is usually credited to the American author William Dean Howells in his 1867 essay “Italian Journeys”. In this, he refers to caffè latte.