Milk Frothers

Best Milk Frother For Home Use

Love foam covered coffees? Fancy a go at latte art?  If you’ve answered yes, then a milk frother is an essential part of your home coffee set up. This is a review of standalone best milk frothers for home use.

Types of milk frothers

There are three types of standalone milk frothers –  1)Inexpensive hand held whisk type milk frother, 2)the jug based where you have to pump to create the foam and 3)the electric milk frother. Electric milk frothers can come with just a hot milk froth or a hot & cold option. Some of them also will heat milk without creating foam, so it’s useful for other hot milk needs in the house.

Choosing a milk frother

1.     Frequency of use

How often do you use a milk frother? If you primarily drink black coffee or coffee with hot milk and then there’s the odd occasional use for foam based coffee, we’d recommend considering the hand-held milk frother. It’s small, cheap and easy to store.  At under ten quid, it won’t make you feel bad if you don’t use it the way you thought you might.

If you have a pod machine and will use the milk frother several times a week or day, then you should look at a standalone electric milk frother.

2.     Convenience of use

How easy do you want the process of creating milk foam? If it’s a one touch button and then pour the foam out, go with an electric milk frother.

3.     Hot & Cold usage

Would you ever use the cold froth option? If you are sure you won’t, then the best milk frother for you will be one that has a hot option alone. But there are several that do both hot and cold to give you the choice if you even think you may use cold coffees sometime.

4.     Price point

If you are budget conscious, the handheld whisk milk frothers are good. If you have a budget of around £30-50, there are several electric options. If you have a higher budget there are couple of well reputed top end electric milk frothers.

It’s worth mentioning that all of the appliances here only froth milk, they don’t steam the milk as you would get on a barista machine. It means, this isn’t authentic and like the real drink. But it is still great if you want an easy tool for hot chocolate and foamy coffees.

5.     Durability

Some of the milk frothers have issues of durability. They are great for a few months or even up to a year and then they just give up. If durability matters, then look at the options we’ve rated highly on this factor.

Price Range of Reviewed Products

The milk frothers we have reviewed come in the price bracket of £3-£90, with several around the £30 price point.

The Best Milk Frothers

1. Best Milk Frother, Electric – VonShef

Best Milk Frother ££*
Best Electric Milk Frother ££*
An easy to use milk frother that’s good value for money
Value for money
Easy to use
Range of temperatures
Difficult to clean
Best Milk Frother
Vonshef Milk Frother

Read our complete review here.

2. Milk Frother, Electric – Hotpoint

Hotpoint milk frother
Hotpoint Milk Frother Review ££*
Durable Milk Frother
Easy to use and durable milk frother in the mid-price range.
Ease of use
Hot & Cold usage
Price point
Easy to use
Temperature control
Hotpoint Milk Frother

Read the full review of the Hotpoint Milk Frother.

3. Best Milk Frother, Handheld – Aerolatte

Aerolatte milk frother
Aerolatte Milk Frother Review ££*
Best Handheld Milk Frother ££*
Value for money, cordless milk frother that’s easy to use.
Easy to use
Easy to clean & store
Budget Price
Some durability concerns
Best Handheld Milk Frother
Aerolatte Milk Frother

Read the full review here


4. Best Milk Frother, Plunger – Bodum

Bodum milk frother
Bodum Milk Frother Review Just into ££*
Durable milk frother reliant on arm power
Simple mechanical design making it durable if you are careful with the glass. Makes great froth but needs to be heated up after in a microwave for hot drinks.
Excellent froth
Needs heating up in microwave
Arm power required
Bodum Milk Frother

For the full review, follow this link.

5. Milk Frother, Electric – Severin

You can read the full review here but this is the summary.

Severin milk frother
Severin Milk Frother Review Nearly £££*
Milk Frother Gaining Popularity Nearly £££*
Gaining popularity for its features and durability.
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Range of Temperature Control
Severin Milk Frother


Others that nearly made the list

1. Ikea Handheld

Price Point – £*

At under a fiver and if would like to try a milk frother, this is a budget option to consider.

2.Simple Taste Handheld

Price Point ££*

Another well reputed handheld frother is the one from Simple Taste.

3.Bialetti – Plunger

Price Point – ££*

The Bialetti plunger is a well liked plunger type milk frother. This Italian brand is known for some of its coffee accessories including its stovetop moka pot.


4. Hostess Electric Milk Frother

Price Point – ££*

The Hostess Electric Milk Frother is another electric frother that’s well liked by consumers but  you should know that it’s seen as a use and throw product.





*Price Range Explanation

This is what our £ symbols mean regarding price of the product

Symbol Price Range in £











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