Ca Phe Sua Da or iced Vietnamese coffee

Ca Phe Sua Da – Iced Vietnamese Coffee

How to make Ca Phe Sua Da (Ca Phe Nua Da) or Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Ca Phe Sua Da or iced Vietnamese coffee


Iced Vietnamese coffee is a beautifully flavoured iced coffee that is easy to make and needs just the Phin filter.


Coarse ground coffee – 2-3 teaspoons or depending on your Phin filter size and taste

Hot water – 60ml

Condensed milk – 2 teaspoons or to your taste

Ice – to fill a glass

Method to make Ca Phe Sua Da or iced Vietnamese coffee   

Place condensed milk into cup

Place coffee powder into the filter

Tamp down slightly

Pour about 20 ml of hot water and watch the coffee grounds expand.

Then add the remaining 40 ml of hot water

Wait for about 2 minutes and the strong coffee will filter into cup

Stir and then pour the contents into the glass of ice.

Enjoy your iced Vietnamese coffee or Ca Phe Sua Da

Equipment you need to make Ca Phe Sua Da

  • Equipment for boiling hot water either a kettle, stove top pot or boiling water tap or any other method.
  • Phin Filter
  • Spoons
  • Coffee cup 
  • Tall glass to finally serve the Ca Phe Sua Da

Ca Phe Sua Da

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  • Tamping is a skill, too loose, then you’ll get a runny coffee brew. Too tight, then coffee wont drip out. 
  • If you want taste the flavour of coffee, reducing the amount of condensed coffee might be something you prefer since the ice will dilute coffee.

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