Irish coffee recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe – The Decadent After Dinner Drink

How to make Irish coffee?

Irish coffee recipe

What better than a deliciously decadent after dinner drink to round off a special meal? You must try the Irish coffee recipe, and you’ll definitely be serving it again. This recipe look easy but requires some skill. 

The skill required is pouring the double cream. Don’t be tempted to cheat by putting in whipped cream 😉 Really, have a go with the double cream and this after dinner drink will be something to show off to your friends.

The other key thing is to keep the coffee as hot as possible and the double cream as cold as possible. This helps float the cream.


Joe Sheridan came up with the Irish coffee drink in the 1940s. He did this to warm up cold American passengers who had landed at Shannon airport. He added Irish whisky to help deal with what was a miserable winter evening.

Irish Coffee Recipe

Equipment needed

1. The glass – Since the glass gets extremely hot, we recommend getting ones with a handle. 

2. Coffee maker – ​Any coffee maker that makes a long black coffee is good. 




Irish whisky – must be Irish for this recipe

2 shot glasses

Brown sugar – for the caramel flavour

4 tsps

Coffee – any long black hot drink 

2 cups

Double cream



Heat up the glasses by pouring boiling water in and leave for 5 minutes.

Have your hot coffee ready.

Stir the sugar into coffee till well mixed and no crystals are left.

Whip the double cream till it is slightly thickened but still of a consistency you can pour it.

Assemble your drink

Pour out the water from the glasses.

Pour the whisky into the glasses

Add the coffee and sugar drink to each glass leaving 20% of the top of the glass empty and give it a stir.

Pour the thickened double cream over the back of a teaspoon carefully and top the glass.

Serve immediately

Irish coffee recipe

​Ready To Try? 

If you are ready to give this a drink a go, take a look at some Irish glasses we’ve selected for you. 


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